Types of pads and their applications

Padre types are considered as carpet decoration accessories that, in addition to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, also play an important role in decorating the environment. Surely we have all seen the priests in front of the entrance, in the bathroom, in the bathroom and even in the kitchen. These small rugs have great performance.

Each type of paddy, according to their material and design, are used in a specific space of the environment, especially at home. Because their performance is different. For example, a bath and toilet pad is to prevent the transfer of moisture to other parts of the house.

Purpose of buying pads:

The most important goal of the priests is to prevent the transfer of contaminants. For example, a kitchen hob prevents the transfer of cooking grease or moisture from the front of the sink to other parts of the kitchen. In addition, they also play the role of design and decoration of the environment.

In the past, priests were often made of carpets or kilims. But today, all kinds of pads are made in fancy, modern and classic styles, with different designs and sizes, such as: vintage, gabbe, forty pieces, leather, felt, plastic, stone and various types of machine-made carpets. Some patriarchs can be a combination of several sexes. For example: handmade rugs with Gabbeh fringe.

Types of fathers in terms of gender

Pads are one of the types of carpets that are woven in smaller dimensions. These small rugs can be handmade or machine-made. The variety of paternal types in terms of sex are:

Padre Glim

This priest is made of kilim. The sleeping thread is very short and can be said to have no fluff. Usually the material of paddy yarn is kilim, fluff and wool.

Padre Carpet

These types of pads are made of handmade and sometimes machine-made carpets. The variety of weaves and yarns in this type of pads is more.

انواع پادری فرش

Padre Vintage

Vintage pads have a pattern of old folded carpets woven in a smaller size. Long life and charm are among the characteristics of Paddy Vintage.

Padre Gabbeh

Gabbeh is a type of carpet from the carpet family. The yarn is longer and has more weft yarns. Gabbeh’s father’s design is usually made by the weaver’s mind.

انواع پادری گبه

Fancy pad with synthetic fibers

These types of pads are woven from yarns with synthetic and chemical fibers. However, they are not very original and their material value is less than other types of priests. But there is a lot of variety in the market.

Padre Hamami

Today, in the production of this type of pads, more nanomaterials are used to prevent the penetration of water and moisture. But in general, the bath priest can be one of the mentioned types of priests.

پادری جلو در حمام

Forty-piece paddies

Forty-piece pads are made from different pieces of carpet. It can be made of forty-piece gabbeh, forty-piece carpet pad and kilim.

Plastic pad

Plastic pads are mostly used in toilets and bathrooms or humid areas. These types of pads are very resistant to water. This type of pad is produced industrially with polymer-plastic materials.

پادری پلاستیکی

What types of pads are suitable for what spaces?

It is very important to know what you expect from a priest and what part of the house you use it for. In fact, your goal is to determine the gender and its dimensions. For example, the front pad at the entrance should be fluffy to prevent dirt and contaminants from entering the house by absorbing excess soil from the soles of the shoes or the accompanying moisture. Also, because the soles on it are very heavy, especially with shoes, and they need to be cleaned regularly, it must have a high resistance.

Priest for entry

A priest is very important for the entrance of houses. In fact, the main and first way to prevent pollution from entering the house is the front porches. Input pads are used for several purposes.

1- When we take off our shoes, do not put our feet on the ground. Rather, by placing the foot on the pad, we prevent the absorption of dirt into the sole of the foot and bring it inside. Just know that you should not put your shoes on the pad. Because the priest of the mine becomes polluted.

2- You can use a pad to clean the sole of the shoe and get the moisture of the sole (especially on rainy days). This method is for spaces that people enter with shoes.

انواع پادری ورودی

People who are more obsessed with preventing dirt and dirt from entering usually use two pads (one behind the entrance, and the other inside the entrance. The outer pad is used to clean the soles of shoes and take them out. Insole pads are used to place the sole of the foot inside the house, at which time the shoes are removed from the sole of the foot and the foot is placed on the floor of the indoor space.

In addition to all this, you should also consider the beauty of the space and the decor. Using different types of pads for the entrance has a great impact on the decoration of your home and space.

Types of pads for the kitchen

Kitchen hobs generally have a happier color scheme. Different types of pads are used in the kitchen for the front of the sink, the front of the stove, sometimes the front of the refrigerator and the washing machine. These pads are responsible for preventing the transfer of fat during cooking, or moisture from the activities of the front of the sink or laundry.

In addition, it prevents the foot from staying on the floor for a long time. People are also less likely to slip in the kitchen. The charm of your kitchen decor will also increase.

Because they come in contact with grease and water contaminants, they should be washed regularly. Therefore, the resistance of these priests must be high. Due to the fact that kitchen floors are usually ceramic or flooring, the possibility of slipping increases. Therefore, the floor of the paddocks should be such that the percentage of frustration is reduced as much as possible and create friction with the ground surface.

انواع پادری آشپزخانه

A variety of pads suitable in the bedroom

Bedroom pillows have many uses. These pads are generally used to decorate the room. Front entrance to the terrace, windows, dressing table and bedside table. If the bathroom is a master, a suitable priest is also located there. Therefore, you can choose different types of bedroom pads based on the color theme of the room and the style of arrangement of the bed service items.

گرIf your bedroom leads to the terrace, the use of an attractive beautiful pad, in addition to the beauty of the room, prevents the entry of balcony contaminants into the interior.

If you have a master bedroom, spread a durable pad in front of the bathroom to match the decor of the room. This pad prevents moisture from transferring to other parts of your bedroom.

We strongly recommend using an attractive bedside pad. Especially if the floor of the room is not carpeted. This paddy multiplies the layout and decoration class of your room. Also, when you get out of bed, do not place your foot directly on the ceramic floor and you will not feel much cold on your foot.

انواع پادری اتاق خواب

Paddy Toilet and Bath

The bathroom pad is as important as the entrance pad. This type of pad prevents any moisture from the toilet and bathroom from entering the outside space. Usually two pads are used for sanitation.

A pad is spread inside the service, which is often made of plastic. Because it is more resistant to water and the volume of moisture in the bathroom. As a result, it can be washed constantly.

پادری پلاستیکی حمام


A priest is also spread out outside the bathroom. Its material can be the father of kilim, the father of Gabbeh, etc. Just keep in mind that your father should have good absorption power so that you do not carry moisture to other parts of the space if your feet or shoes are wet (for example, the workplace toilet). In addition, the priest prevents you from slipping.

انواع پادری سرویس بهداشتی و حمام

Fantasy or decorative pads

Fantasy padris are very diverse in the market. They are usually made of carpet, kilim, gabbe, vintage or acrylic. They have different fancy designs and colors. This type of pads is usually used as a rug in spaces such as the front of the fireplace, in the middle of the hallway between bedrooms, between carpets (in larger halls) and …. These types of pads have a decorative aspect.

انواع پادری دکوری

What points should we pay attention to when choosing different types of priests?
In the market, you will see different types of padri. To choose a priest, one should not only pay attention to its model. But you should also consider these points:
Choose the size and dimensions of the pad according to your desired space. The priest is not smaller than your space. Because it does not have enough efficiency. It will also give a beautiful face to your space. The larger paddy also takes up more space and non-standard, which does not have a beautiful face and spoils your decoration.
Pay attention to the gender and quality of the father. Some pads lose their color very quickly due to the poor quality of the fibers, or the type of dyeing.
Depending on the application of the pad, pay attention to the pad material, resistance and strength against moisture, footing, dirt, detergents and lint.
Choose a paddy color according to its application. Front entrance pads, for example, should be dark and dirty. Because, they are constantly in contact with the soil. Hence, pus is always seen.
The floor material of the pads should be such that it does not slip on the bottom surface. The floor of some pads is made of latex, which has good friction. You can also hold the pads in place with the help of a non-slip or accelerator.
Padre material should be tailored to your needs. Do you put a priest in front of the bathroom or in front of the bed? Bedroom pads have a softer texture than bathroom front pads. Consider its resistance to the space in which it is placed and its softness.


What should we do to clean the priests?

Paddy cleaning is directly related to the material and its efficiency. On the other hand, the amount of paddy dirt is related to the amount of traffic, the space in which it is located and the weak climate of the region. Experience has shown that internal sanitary pads are dirtier than out-of-toilet pads, and due to moisture contact, fungi and bacteria are more likely to accumulate in them. As a result, they must be washed constantly. Kitchen cleaners should also be cleaned regularly due to contact with grease, dirt caused by spilling food and dishwashing water. Dirty incoming pads are also more common in cold seasons or rainy areas than in warm seasons.

Depending on the application of the pad, how to clean them is different:

You can wash plastic pads in the bathroom with detergents (such as Tide, shampoo, etc.) and carpet brush or Scotch.

Padres from the carpet and kilim family can be washed with the help of carpet cutters and carpet shampoo.

Inlet pads that absorb dirt and mud, first remove excess dirt and mud or sweep with a broom. Then wash with the help of detergent and cut the carpet.

Padre washing method:
Use laundry detergent to wash all types of pads. First remove contaminants such as soil and mud or kitchen materials. Then soak it in lukewarm water and pour washing powder or carpet shampoo on it. Leave it for a few minutes. Then wash it with the help of a carpet cutter. It is also better to clean the back of the pad. . Finally, rinse well. If your rinsing is not enough, the stain of washing powder foam will remain on it.
In the next step, it is better to disinfect it. Sprinkle some baking soda on it and let it stand for 10 minutes. Then wash the carpet again and rinse well.
Finally, hang the pad on the rope, the base of the dryer, a metal chair or a sturdy rod to dry. It is not bad to dry the priest in an atmosphere with dry weather and even in front of the sun, so that if the remaining pollution is completely removed. Be careful never to spread the damp pad in front of the door. Because its absorption of pollution increases.
You can contact our experts in Simple Carpet for proper washing of your priest or for advice.

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