Vintage handmade carpet

Vintage handmade carpets are among the handmade carpets. Vintage refers to items that are considered a kind of antique and are very old. Hence, carpets that look old and look like very old carpets are called vintage carpets.

Features of vintage carpets:

1- They are generally hand-woven carpets.
2- They easily fit with all kinds of decorations and any taste.
3- They are like old and traditional carpets that have a lot of footwork.
4- They are very durable and have a long life.

We live in a time when it seems that one cannot choose between tradition and modernity! Sometimes we like to take all the old elements out of our minds and lives and experience the newest. But sometimes we look for memories of the past and days. This is very common in all areas of our lives. It is safe to say that vintage rugs are a good choice for those who are looking for modernity and classic decoration in their home. But at the same time, they are interested in and value traditional and old designs.

What space is suitable for vintage handmade carpet?

Vintage rugs are very attractive, stylish and luxurious in appearance. They are either hand-woven or similar to hand-woven carpets and have artistic value. If you care about fashion, it is better to know that vintage is fashionable and easily fits all kinds of decorations and any taste.
If you have a minimalist and simple environment, with soft or neutral colors, vintage rugs can be an explosion of color, in harmony. If you want warm and oriental style colors, vintage carpet is still a good choice.
Vintage rugs are suitable for stacking furniture in the living room, for warming the bedroom and for welcoming guests at the entrance of the house.

Old-fashioned hand-woven rugs that have lost their color and surface are called vintage. But today, any type of carpet with an old-fashioned look is called vintage
Many of today’s vintage rugs are industrially produced and much cheaper than the original vintage
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