Vintage Carpet

What is a vintage or antique handmade rug?


Vintage handmade carpet is one of the types of carpets that can be found in the market by machine and handmade. The word vintage generally refers to old tools or elements that are more than 20 years old and are considered antiques. In other words, vintage rugs or old-fashioned rugs are basically old hand-woven rugs whose color and surface have become old and threadbare. These carpets have lost their moisture and texture and have the color and glaze of salted stone. Genuine vintage rugs are very old and expensive.

These days, the fashion and decoration industry is moving in the opposite direction. Traditional and classic decoration accessories are part of modernity. Therefore, the reception of accessories such as old dishes, pottery, old-fashioned furniture and old-fashioned carpets is very, very high. Some people think that vintage rugs can not have a place in modern decoration. But this is a misconception. Vintage rugs alone can complete a modern décor. The high sales and demand of this product is a good proof of this claim.

Why vintage handmade rugs?

If you know a little about carpets, you know for a fact that the older the handmade rugs, the more material they are. Today, old hand-woven carpets are very expensive and scarce in the carpet market. The new generation has proven its interest in antique carpets. But it is not possible to pay the high price for everyone. Therefore, today, new carpets are obsolete during operation and sold as old carpets at a lower price.

Therefore, it can be said that today, vintage carpet is a new carpet that has become obsolete during operation and is sold at a lower price than the original old carpet (with the same design). Of course, it goes without saying that it also has many fans.

From ancient times the old carpets were valuable. Even in the past and the generation of our grandmothers, new carpets were worn to a certain extent or they walked on them with shoes to find old and old faces. To be more honest, laying new carpets was ugly and called into question the homeowner’s life class.

Vintage rugs have an attractive and beautiful appearance. It is in our minds that handmade and worn-out carpets are very valuable. In addition, many people really like old and antique designs. Hence, in the eyes of all of us, vintage rugs are extremely attractive and impressive.

Vintage handmade rugs go well with any type of decoration. Due to their style and color, these carpets harmonize with the whole space of the house. It seems like they have been there for years.

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