Types of carpets in terms of material and style

All kinds of Iranian carpets have attracted many fans and enthusiasts from the past to the present. In fact, the word carpet in everyone’s mind will bring to life the memory of Iranian carpets. If you study the history of different types of carpets anywhere in the world, you will definitely see traces of Iran in it. Therefore, it can be clearly stated that carpets and their types are part of the culture and originality of our country.

This issue proves that Iranians have paid special attention to decoration and the use of carpets and rugs.

What is a carpet?

The word carpet has Arabic roots and means as underlayment or flooring. However, many people in the international community embody any type of fluff underlayment. But in fact, no one knows carpets and types of carpets as much as we Iranians. In the past, all types of carpets were woven by Iranian artists. But today, with the intervention of the machine, the texture of carpets and under-sized has taken on a more industrial and modern look. Carpets are divided into different types based on several factors such as: type of texture, material, texture style, design, etc.

انواع فرش

Types of carpets are divided into two general categories based on the weaving method:
Handmade Carpet
machine woven carpet
Handmade Carpet

Handmade carpet is one of the types of carpets that is woven by hand without using any industrial tools and machines. Artistic and capable people sit on the back of the carpet and weave the knot by hand with the thread of the carpet.

انواع فرش چهل تکه دوزی

machine woven carpet

Machine-made carpets are also among the types of carpets that are woven industrially by machines.

Simple Carpet decides to pay attention to the value of all kinds of hand-woven carpets and its subsets.

Advantages of using a variety of handmade carpets
Synthetic materials and fibers are not used for weaving handmade carpets. Yarns and fibers are generally natural. As a result, people are less likely to develop allergies.
The material value of handmade carpets is higher due to hand art and the use of natural fibers. The longer the carpet, the higher the price.
It is softer than machine type because there are no synthetic materials and abnormal fibers in the carpet texture.
Handmade carpets are usually thicker. As a result, the quality and strength of the carpet is higher.
The value and beauty of handmade carpets increase over time due to continuous use (so-called more food).
Handmade carpets are repairable and can be easily repaired if they are exposed to one of the causes of rupture, decay, corrosion and wear.

مزایای استفاده از انواع فرش

Disadvantages of using different types of hand-woven carpets
Handmade carpets, because they are woven by hand, are prepared later than machine-made carpets.
The price of handmade carpets is more expensive than the machine type.
There may be flaws in the texture and design under human error.
Types of carpets based on design and type of texture
Handmade Carpet

Handmade carpets become different types according to our knowledge of the word carpet. Yarn material, type of weave, weaving area, etc. are the factors that introduce a collection of types of hand-woven carpets to the community.


Vintage rugs are rugs that are newly woven but have the design of old folded rugs. They have a long life and a lot of charm. In the past, it was called old handmade carpets. But today, vintage is a kind of carpet weaving style.

انواع فرش وینتیج

  • گبه

    Gabbeh is a type of carpet from the carpet family that has longer sleeping thread (lint). Its design is usually made by the weaver’s mind. It has more wefts than carpets.



  • Carpets and rugs

    A rug is a type of rug that is often shorter than a machine-made rug. The dimensions of the carpet can be the same or different with the carpet. A rug smaller than a rug is called a rug.

انواع فرش و قالی


  • Forty-piece carpet

    Forty-piece carpet is a type of carpet that is created from cuts of different types of carpets, kilims, gabbehs, etc. to each other. Forty-piece carpet style is a combination of forty-piece embroidered art that has many fans today.

فرش چها تکه

  • rug

    A kilim is a type of undergarment whose sleeping thread is very short and can be said to have no lint. Usually the yarn is made of wool and wool. Depending on the region and culture in which the kilim is woven, it is divided into different types.

انواع فرش گلیم

Types of carpets based on geographical location

You may be interested to know that the texture of carpets can vary depending on the location. Each type of carpet that is woven in different areas has its own characteristics and specifications. The types of neighborhood carpets are as follows:

انواع فرش دست بافت

Urban carpet:

An urban carpet is a carpet that is woven inside cities by artists who live in the city. Generally, the texture and elegance of this type of carpet is more sensitive. They usually consist of more ridges. The texture of this type of carpet increased during the Safavid period. Cities like Tabriz are a symbol of urban hand-woven carpets.

Rural carpet:

Rural carpets have a simpler design and texture than urban carpets. They are thicker. They generally do not have a complex texture map. They are usually not very large. They are also used to make backs, sides, rugs and vault.

Nomadic carpet:

Nomadic carpets are woven by tribal men and women and is one of the oldest carpets in Iran. These types of carpets, like all types of rural carpets, have a simple texture and design. These designs are usually based on tribal living environment. The texture of the edges and edges of the nomadic rug is a little different and more complex than previous models, and they usually have tassels next to the root of the rug. The material of these carpets is mostly wool. Woolen fibers and yarn are also derived from tribal life and are related to nomadic livestock. Gabbeh is one of the nomadic carpets that has many fans.

انواع فرش عشایری

Types of carpets based on material

Carpets are woven with different fibers. Today, these fibers can be obtained naturally or synthetically. In any case, the material of the fibers, especially natural fibers, is different for different types of hand-woven carpets. Various factors such as warp, weft and yarn (pile yarn) of the carpet have an effect on the classification of the carpet material. Carpets are divided into the following types based on material:

Handmade silk carpets

Cream yarn (lint) This type of carpet is made of silk.

All silk carpet

All warp and weft yarns of silk carpets are made of silk.

Silk Carpet:

In silk weaving carpet, only the warp of the carpet is made of silk.

Silk flower carpet

In silk flower rugs, only a part of the flowers and the carpet design is made of silk. The rest of the knots and cream are not silky.

فرش دستبافت ابریشمی

  • Woolen carpet

    In this type of carpet, there is a carpet whose lint (cream) is made of wool.

    All wool rugs

    As the name of this carpet is clear, all the yarns used in this carpet (lint, warp and weft) are made of wool.

    Wool carpet

    In the woolen carpet, like the silk type, only nine strands (wool) are made of woolen yarn.

    Fluffy carpet

    Knotty and fluffy carpet yarn is obtained from goat hair.

    The carpet was delicate

    Zarbaft or Zarbaft carpet is a prominent type of carpet whose lower or main part is mainly kilim. In the texture of this part of the carpet, twisted threads are used, which is known as gold thread, and the so-called carpet is gilded or woven with gold thread.

    Carpet Suf

    The history of weaving carpet texture is related to Kashan city. The sleeping yarn of these carpets is a combination of gold, silver and silk twist yarns.

انواع فرش سوف

Types of carpets based on the texture method

All carpets are made of 3 types of yarn.

تار (چله)

The yarn is the skeleton of the carpet, which is tied vertically to the hanger and colored knots are attached to it.


After weaving each ridge of the carpet, it passes through the weft yarn. It is their job to discover what that is and to bring it about.


Sleeping yarn refers to all the color knots that represent the original shape and design of the carpet.

Warp and weave arrangement

The placement method and the shape of the warp fabric are different in different types of carpets. In general, handmade carpets are divided into 3 groups in terms of the way the warp and weft are placed:

Carpet all rolled

In this carpet, the knot arch behind the carpet is 90 degrees. The strings are placed next to each other without a space. As a result, it has a very strong texture. The grooves behind the carpet are also deep.

Half roll carpet

In this type of carpet, the knot arch behind the carpet is 45 degrees.

Flat carpet

The texture of this type of carpet is in the form of mat weaving. It does not have a hard and firm texture. The strings are spaced slightly apart.

Types of carpets in terms of geometric shape

In the past, carpets were generally woven in a rectangular shape. But these days we see different types of carpets in different geometric models. Including:

Spherical (volume)

انواع فرش گرد

Types of carpets based on size

Carpets are woven in different sizes. In the carpet market, each of the carpet sizes has a specific name. In addition to the sizes that we all know (size 3 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, 9 meters and 12 meters) there are other sizes that are standard. But not everyone knows:


The area of ​​carpets is generally 6 square meters. But it is also woven in different dimensions. Including in dimensions 3 × 2, 3.5 × 2.5, 4 × 3, 5 3 3.5, 6 × 4, 7 × 5, 10 × 6 meters and…


Rugs are generally smaller than carpets and their general size is 3 square meters, but its transverse dimensions vary from 1.40 meters to 1.55 and its longitudinal dimensions vary from 2.20 meters to 2.35 meters.

Planting and a half

This carpet is woven with transverse dimensions of 1 to 1.15 meters and a length of 1.65 to 1.50.

زرع و چارک

The dimensions of potted carpets are generally 130 x 80 cm.

دو ذرع

Carpets that are woven in the size of 1.35 × 2.1 meters.

A curtain

The size of the curtain is related to the carpets that are usually woven in the size of 2.5. 2.5 meters.


These carpets have dimensions similar to small rugs or pads and are woven in dimensions of 1.5 3 1.5, 1.70 3 3, 2.5. 3.5 meters.

انواع فرش و قالی و قالیچه

  • Smaller sizes with a width of less than one meter that can be seen in different shapes in the market.
    Types of priests
    سجاده ایانواع پادری

  • Kenare

    The side is one of the types of carpets that are woven with short width (maximum one meter) and long length (more than 5 meters). Commonly used in hallways and on stairs.

انواع فرش کناره

Prices of carpets

The price of different types of carpets is determined based on various factors. Including:

Carpet size
Material of fibers
Type of texture (handmade or machine)
The nature of the carpet
Regional valuation
Texture style (Gabbeh, kilim, carpet)
Carpet age
The amount of damage to the carpet
It’s use




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