Silk Carpet

Silk carpet is an expensive and important carpet that is woven both by hand and machine. Silk is an expensive and important yarn obtained from butterfly cocoons. Its main source is the body of the silkworm, which for its transformation, wraps it around itself to become a butterfly. By extracting it from the collected cocoons and dyeing it, colorful silk threads can be seen in the market. Due to their thickness, these colored yarns are used in weaving, clothing and carpet weaving.

Features of silk carpets:
These carpets have a lot of softness.
They are less thick than woolen carpets.
They have a glorious color and gloss.
They are much more expensive.
They are generally hand-woven.
Anti-lint and allergy

Many textile products have lint after a while. After a while, these villi cause allergies in people, especially children, skin and respiratory patients. Silk carpets have no fluff at all. Therefore, it is anti-allergic and on the other hand, the lack of lint increases their shine and radiance.


The well-known factor of silk yarns is its appearance, shine and high effect.

types of

These types of carpets can be divided into several general categories according to the amount of silk used in their texture:

All silk rugs

Carpets are said to have silk, lint and even sleeping thread.

Silk flower rugs

In carpets, silk flowers have small patterns and generally around the margins, as well as the warp, are woven from silk and other parts of the carpet will be made of other fibers such as polyester, acrylic, etc.

Silk floor rugs

It is a little difficult to recognize this type of carpet. Because only in the field of such carpets should silk threads be used.

Possibility of washing

These carpets are very vulnerable to washing and moisture. Therefore, it is not recommended at all for those who want a durable carpet to be used as flooring in the house for several years. After washing, the carpet colors will look very old.

Carpet diameter

These carpets are very thin. So if you use more carpet than sofa, it will not be suitable.


These carpets are very expensive and are not affordable at all due to their performance.

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