The runner is usually a thin cloth, which is often spread on the table and its length.
Runners can be spread on the table alone or with a desktop. But sometimes, like wooden tables, the wood design is also very attractive and beautiful. Therefore, their use alone is recommended.

Why use a runner?

It is a mistake to hide the entire surface of a desk today, especially the wooden tables on the market today. On the other hand, a table without a table does not make sense.
This is where the role of runners becomes more colorful to create a beautiful pattern on the table. Runners have the ability to flirt on the table like a beautiful dress without hiding the beauty.
Their various colors create a sense of softness and set with other decorative elements and elements in the environment. On the other hand, the design and pattern on them create a pleasant depth and visual state for your table.

Where is Runner used?

Runners are not just for the dining table. Other household items such as sideboards, furniture front desks, consoles and various stands can also find another color and glaze with the presence of one of them.

Runner material:

Runners can be made of net, linen, canvas, satin, organza net, polyester, gabbe and even hand-woven carpets.

The use of hand-woven carpets will be an attractive and different choice for the production of runners, which Sadeh Carpet has offered this product. Runners with unique designs of hand-woven carpets will definitely give an attractive modern-traditional atmosphere to your home and the space of your choice. Do not miss this fascinating selection.

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