Privacy in the web world means that an individual or group can upload information about themselves to a site without having to worry about being published or abused.

Every day, millions of people register their personal and company information, including name, surname, contact number, email address, company file number, etc. on various sites. Many of these people are worried that profiteers and hackers will gain access to their information and use it. As a result, creating privacy and security on websites is important. All users should be able to trust your site in the first place.

What is privacy?

Privacy means keeping some personal or legal information out of the public eye. Privacy is generally associated with security. This means that by protecting the information of individuals, the individual is protected from aggression, identity theft and various abuses by others. The importance of protecting the privacy of individuals is so great that many countries have mentioned it in their constitutions and defined punishment for those who violate it.

Privacy of websites

One of the most important issues in site design, especially sites that persuade users to submit information, is to create a sense of trust in users in order to maintain privacy. It does not matter what content you publish and what your purpose is. The important thing is to keep the audience safe. This means that all information posted by the user on the site will not be republished or abused by anyone.

Privacy in Simple Carpet:

At Simple Carpet, we do our best to ensure the security and safety of the site. Carpet Simple Online Store, while respecting the protection of customers’ information, requests information from users to purchase, consult or provide other services in order to provide safe and reliable services to users. Includes information such as first and last name, contact number, address and email required.

All simple Carpet activities are legal and based on e-commerce laws. Simple Carpet believes that all recorded information and users’ personal identities are confidential. As a result, personal information is not transferred to another person or organization. The information will be provided to the competent authorities only in case of any problem and with a legal order.

Simple Carpet has made every effort to protect the information and privacy of its users in order to provide a safe and pleasant shopping experience for all its customers.

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