All kinds of pads are considered as carpet accessories. In addition to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, priests also play an important role in decorating the environment. Surely we have all seen the priests in front of the entrance, in the bathroom and even in the kitchen. These small rugs have great performance.

Each of these underlayments, according to their material and design, are used in a specific space of the environment, especially the home. Because their performance is different. For example, a bath and toilet pad is to prevent the transfer of moisture to other parts of the house.

What types of pads are suitable for what spaces?

It is very important to know what you expect from a priest and for which part of the house you want to use it. In fact, your goal is to determine the gender and its dimensions. For example, the front pad at the entrance should be fluffy to prevent dirt and contaminants from entering the house by absorbing excess soil from the soles of the shoes or the moisture that comes with the shoes. Also, since it is very much on the foot, especially with shoes, and must be cleaned regularly, it must have a high resistance.

What points should we pay attention to when choosing different types of priests?

In the market, you will see different types of padri. To choose a priest, one should not only pay attention to its model. But you should also consider these points:

Choose the size and dimensions of the pad according to your desired space. The priest is not smaller than your space. Because it does not have enough efficiency. It will also give a beautiful face to your space. The larger paddy also takes up more space and non-standard, which does not have a beautiful face and spoils your decoration.
Pay attention to the gender and quality of the father. Some pads lose their color very quickly due to the poor quality of the fibers, or the type of dyeing.
Depending on the application of the pad, pay attention to the pad material, resistance and strength against moisture, footing, dirt, detergents and lint.
Choose a paddy color according to its application. Front entrance pads, for example, should be dark and dirty. Because, they are constantly in contact with the soil and pus is always seen.
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