Washing handmade carpets

Carpet washing is a positive function in order to keep all types of carpets clean and tidy, which is done in different ways. It is noteworthy that different carpets are washed in different ways due to differences in the texture and material of their fibers.

Washing carpets is not limited to handmade carpets. All machine-made carpets, rugs, pads, vintage rugs and carpets, forty-piece rugs, kilims and gabbehs need to be washed. Of course, in this article, we will wash handmade carpets.

Why does the carpet need to be washed?

You need to think of a way to clean your carpet. Carpets get dirty and dirty very quickly due to the type of application they have and the way different people walk on them. In addition, spilling various materials such as food on the carpet will cause the carpet to stain and get dirty. Scattered dust in the environment also affects the color of the carpet and its cleanliness, and by penetrating among the lint, it will cause the carpet to become cloudy. Especially carpets that have a light color spectrum show pus better and sooner.

Not all contaminants on the carpet can be removed and swallowed with a vacuum cleaner. Some contaminants, such as fats, penetrate deep into the carpet texture. The vacuum cleaner only collects coarse particles such as hair, environmental debris and surface dust on the carpet. And of course this collection is not a 100% cleanliness. Sometimes a vacuum cleaner causes particles and strands of hair to get stuck in the villi.

In any case, a carpet that is dirty loses its appearance and beauty. Its color changes. It is also not approved in terms of health principles.

Carpet washing time

The time of washing the carpet depends on the amount of traffic that takes place on it and the environment in which it is placed. It does not matter what the material of your handmade carpet is. Fluffy carpets, woolen carpets, cotton carpets and silk carpets need to be washed. But washing the carpet too much can lead to rot and damage to its texture. The best time to wash your carpet is between 12 and 20 months.

Principles and rules that you should consider when washing handmade carpets:

To wash handmade carpets, you must follow the principles and rules so that the health of the carpet is not endangered and the life of the carpet is maintained. Improper washing of the carpet spoils the quality and appearance of the carpet. It may even lose its carpet appearance and texture.

Rotate the carpet

This is a point that some people do not pay attention to. But if there is more traffic on one side of the carpet than on the other, it is better to turn the carpet in its place after a while (for example, 6 months). This will ensure that the amount of traffic on the entire carpet is the same. The amount of eating should be the same in all directions. If only one side of the carpet is flat and the place of travel and the other side does not happen, the amount of pressure on the carpet is more on one side. As a result, the carpet on the side of the carpet becomes more old and dirty. After a while, you will definitely encounter a carpet that is old and dirty on one side and cleaner and clearer on the other.

Ruby dust before washing handmade carpets

Before washing carpets, especially handmade carpets, you should dust it and remove dust. To do this, vacuum the carpet well. If necessary, you can shake the carpet or hit the back of it with a stick so that the soils trapped between the carpet lint will come out of the lint due to the shock shock. Dust particles that have settled on the carpet may become heavier by water and remain there. They may even turn into small particles of mud. In any case, the presence of dust between the lint and the fabric endangers the health of the carpet.

Do not forget the vacuum cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner to keep the carpet clean. Repeating this will leave a small amount of soil in the villi. The vacuum cleaner will not damage your carpet. It even increases the life of the carpet and the interval of re-washing. Keep in mind that sometimes it is better to use electric jazz on the back of the carpet. Also scrape off any fine dust that has penetrated beneath it.

Wash the carpet with cold water

You should wash the carpet with cold water. Hot water causes the threads to expand and even loosen the tissue. As a result, the carpet may lose its original cohesive structure. In addition, hot water may stimulate the dyeing of the fibers used. If the dyeing quality of the fibers is not good, your carpet will be dyed in hot water and sometimes the colors of the carpet pattern may be mixed and its role may be confused.

  • Drainage methodSpray the water on the carpet surface with a flare-up shower and a balanced pressure. For example, if you use a hose, hold your finger in front of the hose so that the water comes out in the form of bath shower drops. This allows the droplets to reach the surface of the carpet with a balanced pressure to remove the detergent from the carpet lint. If you pour water on the carpet surface without any pressure, it becomes heavy and sits on a part of the detergent. As a result, part of the foam penetrates into the villi.

    Use carpet shampoo

    Carpet shampoo is a product that has been marketed in recent years. This product is perfect for washing silk carpets. Carpet shampoos soften carpets because of the ingredients they contain. When using carpet shampoo or any other detergent, be sure to rinse the carpet well. Because the foam and detergent may remain deep in the lint and over time cause the carpet to change color and even rot.

    The carpet may give off color

    Before washing the carpet, make sure that the paint does not give back. Your carpet fibers may have poor dyeing and poor quality. As a result, while washing the carpet and in contact with water or rubbing the surface of the carpet, the carpet will return color and the colors that have been separated from the surface of the fibers will be combined. As a result, the carpet loses its role and finds an irregular face. Carpets that are azure, black, blue and green usually give back color. Of course, this does not apply to all carpets.

    Use the right detergent

    Use a suitable and neutral detergent to wash the carpet. Including carpet shampoo or hand washing powder dissolved in water. If your carpet is soaked in grease, such as oil, you can wash the same area with dishwashing liquid or stale soap, which is more resistant to oil. The use of alkaline detergents in carpet washing is prohibited.

    Drying the carpet

    Never pipe the washed carpet to dry it. Especially if you are not sure that the color will return. After washing, soak the carpet with a special shovel. Row the carpet in the sleeping direction. Because in the opposite direction of sleep causes you to direct a volume of water to the depth of the villi. You also increase the wear of the carpet. It will be boring for you too.

    After paddling, you can use a towel to reduce the moisture left on the carpet and remove excess lint that has accumulated on the surface of the carpet. Then let the carpet stay the same. More air is in contact with the carpet surface, which causes it to dry faster. Also, your angel does not smell after washing. Then pipe it. Place it vertically or sloping to absorb excess water. Do not re-water after piping. Because the roots of the carpet will be yellow. After a few hours, expose it to the open air and indirect sunlight to dry completely.

    Arrange the carpet sleep

    Once your carpet is dry, tidy up the carpet. This has several advantages. The most important advantage is that it puts pressure on the carpet texture. Secondly, the whole design of the carpet falls into place. As a result, the carpet looks more tidy. Do this with a carpet brush. The use of a broom is not recommended at this time. Because it has a reciprocating motion.

    How to use carpet shampoo to wash carpets

    Sweep and dust the carpet before starting work. Combine carpet shampoo in a standard ratio with water. (2 cups of shampoo with 1.5 to 2 liters of water). With a soft cloth or sponge, remove the shampoo foam and massage on the carpet surface. After finishing work, do not walk on the carpet for an hour until it is completely dry. Because the carpet is damp and wet, it may absorb dirt from your soles. Never spill large amounts of foam and water on the carpet. Because it dries later, water may remain in the lint and cause the carpet to rot.

شست و شوی فرش در قالیشویی

قالیشویی‌ها فضاهایی هستند که بسیاری از متخصین فرش در آنها مشغولند و مراقبند که فرش با هر جنسی که هست، آسیب نبیند. اما اگر کارگر قالیشویی ناشیانه رفتار کند ممکن است فرش شما ( به خصوص فرش دستبافت) آسیب ببیند. پیش از شستشوی فرش از کیفیت کار قالیشویی خود مطمئن باشید. چنانچه نمیدانید چگونه فرش را تمیز کنید با کارشناسان ساده کارپت تماس بگیرید. و از خدمات ما بهره ببرید.

Steps of washing carpets in carpet washing
In carpet washing, the carpet is first dusted. However, this is done mechanized.
Spread the carpets side by side on the floor and spray water on them. The detergent is then poured on their surface and moved on the surface of the carpet with washing machines.
The carpets are rinsed with special hoses that have a shower-like head. In carpet washing, two steps are usually rinsed.
For dehydration, the carpets are piped and placed inside the device around the dehydrator. This machine is similar to a washing machine with a mesh wall and metal. When turned on, it spins at its fastest, creating a centrifugal force that directs water out of the carpet villi and out of the machine through a lattice space.
Carpets are dried in certain greenhouses.

Note: Washing carpets that have torn or rot is different and should be done by a specialist.

The advantage of washing and washing handmade carpets in carpet washing
Carpets are washed with standard materials
The carpets are washed under the supervision of an expert.
If you do not do hand washing consciously, your carpet will be damaged. While in car washes, the washing process is washed faster and more professionally.
Disadvantages of washing and washing handmade carpets in carpet washing
Handmade rugs are generally woven from natural fibers such as wool, fluff, silk and cotton. These fibers easily absorb contaminants. As a result, they get dirty sooner than car carpets. They may also not be easily and completely erased by the device.
Mechanized machines put a lot of pressure on carpets. This pressure will damage your carpet many times.
Carpet cleaners generally wash several rugs at the same time to save water, detergent, labor power and cost savings. Putting several rugs in one machine at the same time, in addition to reducing the quality of washing, will damage your rug.
Using one machine to wash several carpets at the same time will transfer the contamination of other carpets to your carpet.
Benefits of washing and washing handmade carpets by hand
In the manual method of washing carpets, carpets are washed more comfortably and carefully.
Each type of carpet with a different material has a different thumb method that some carpet cleaners do not pay attention to.
In hand washing, less pressure is applied to the carpet.
You will be exempt from paying exorbitant fees for carpet cleaning.

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