Repair of handmade carpets

Repairing and repairing handmade carpets is a specialized and artistic work. Which eliminates defects, tears, perforations and other defects of the carpet.

Handmade carpet, as we have said, is an exquisite and expensive product that has been introduced as a part of Iranian culture for many years. Hence it is very important and sometimes difficult to maintain. The carpet is mostly spread on the ground and people walk on it or sit on it. In fact, the carpet protects your body from the hardness and temperature of the floor. Therefore, it can be said that according to the type of application, and the amount of use, it suffers more wear than other components and accessories of home decoration. As a result, it needs more care. Because carpets have a high material and spiritual value, they are given more importance than other home appliances. If your carpet breaks or has a problem for any reason, try to repair it.

Why do handmade carpets need to be repaired?

Handmade carpets are made of natural fibers such as wool, wool, cotton, silk, etc. These carpets need to be repaired for various reasons.

Natural fibers have high strength. But they are worn due to carpet treading and constant use.
Natural fibers are exposed to insects such as willows.
It may be chewed or torn by pets such as rabbits.
Damaged by environmental or human factors.
Washing your carpet may not be done properly and it may be damaged.
The importance of carpet repairs and restoration

As we have said, carpet is an exquisite and valuable commodity. Protecting it Protecting values. But if for any reason your handmade carpet is damaged, repo is a solution to repair the damaged area and repair the carpet fibers. Definitely laying a torn or perforated carpet is not attractive to you and your guests. There is also the possibility of further damage to its tissue.

The embossing operation will repair the damaged part of your carpet and save it from the risk of further rupture. Also, carpet is not a commodity that you constantly want to throw away and buy again. Given the economic conditions of society, the protection of assets is very important. One of the most important features of the carpet is its ability to be scratched. Repairing and repairing handmade carpets allows you to use your angel like the first day. Buy another rug without having to.
Do not forget that the longer the life of the handmade carpet, the greater its material value. Carpet repair and repair makes you keep your old carpet for a long time and use it. At the same time, increase its value. Repair and refurbishment increases the life and duration of use of a damaged carpet.
Advantages of embroidering and repairing handmade carpets
Repairing and repairing handmade rugs helps the rug that is being destroyed to remain valuable without defects.
You can use your angel for a longer time. Without any problem in its appearance.
Increases the material value of the carpet according to the age of the carpet.
In addition, it leads to the preservation of ancient works of art and spiritual and human values.
The act of repudiation is as valuable as the restoration and restoration of antiquities.
It does not matter what kind of carpet you have. All woolen carpets, fluffy carpets, silk carpets, perch carpets, cotton carpets and even carpet pads can be repaired.
Carpet repair is not limited to large carpets and rugs. All kinds of kilims, gabbehs, rugs and all kinds of hand-woven pads can be repaired and repaired.
Disadvantages of refurbishing and repairing handmade carpets
The cost of repairing and repairing handmade carpets is very high. Sometimes it may not be affordable.
The embossed part of the carpet changes color after a while and shows itself.
Rugged carpet is less valuable than undamaged handmade carpet.
Do not leave carpet repairs to anyone

Carving carpets, especially handmade carpets, is very difficult and specialized. We must admit that it does not require skill and experience. If someone who is not skilled in this way or is new and inexperienced, repairs the carpet, it will certainly not be a pleasant result. Improper and unprincipled repulsion will damage your carpet more. Your carpet may not even be usable anymore.

The damaged part of the carpet must be repaired delicately and carefully. Every little mistake can change the outcome. All the people who work in this field are professional carpet weavers and are fully acquainted with all the details. The repair should be done in such a way that the place of refraction is not visible.

Types of embroidery and repair of handmade carpets
Carpet calligraphy
Screw weft
To hang
Double knot

Suitable tool for embroidering and repairing handmade carpets

It is definitely not possible to repair and repair handmade carpets with empty hands. This, like many jobs, requires special tools. These tools allow the carpet weaver to do his job with complete elegance. The carpet weaving tool is similar to the carpet weaving tool. Among the tools for repairing and repairing carpets, the following can be mentioned:


Hook is one of the most practical tools in both carpet weaving and carpet weaving. The hook is used to pull out or pass the sleeping thread of a lint thread through the warp threads. This tool is also used to tie knotted yarns. There are different types of carpet weaving hooks that are used to weave and repair different types of carpets. Some of these hooks have a knife along them and are used for two purposes.


Knives also play an important role in carpet repair. This knife is used to cut yarn after tying a bundle of fibers and has different shapes.


Needles are used for toning, weaving and cobbler. Different needles are used in embossing, each of which is used to repair different parts of the carpet.


Hand pliers are an aid to aiding the hands and fingers. For power work, such as pulling a needle through the threads of a thick carpet, hand pliers are used.


The finger is also an auxiliary tool. This tool is placed on the tip of the finger and prevents the needle from sinking into the impeller.


Scissors are also an important and practical tool in embroidering and repairing handmade carpets. Scissors are used to smooth the sleeping yarns (lint), separate the carpet from the hanger, and straighten the yarns.

How to repair and repair handmade carpets?
Before repairing and repairing handmade carpets, the carpet should be dusted. Then the carpet should be washed. Because a carpet that is dirty, the color of its fibers is not well recognizable, and this color change may be visible to you later and question the quality of the work. Then the broken thread in the damaged part with hooks and needles should be removed from the carpet.
Depending on the size of the injury and its location, you may need a rug. The carpet should be hung. At this time, it is necessary to do spinning and knotting.
If your carpet is twisted, it will be secured with tape from the back. In this case, after a while, the carpet returns to the standard state.
Carpets suffer from many damages. Including thread dislocation, caries, burns, moths, tears, and discoloration. Each of these injuries has a specific method and method that is different from other methods. Some of them are done like knotting threads by re-tying. But some injuries require more care and time.
Consider a few points in the field of carpet embossing
Carpet repair and repair should be done in such a way that the place of repair can not be identified after that. It depends on the skill of the digger and the use of the right tools.
Not only carpets and rugs, but also carpet-related decoration accessories such as rugs, puffs, cushions, carpet runners and fancy baskets woven with rugs can be repaired. Carpet-related fashion accessories such as carpet sandals, carpet bags and simple Carpet belts are no exception.
With the increasing desire to buy different types of machine-made carpets, refurbishment is also done for machine-made carpets. But the value of these carpets does not increase, unlike the handmade type.
Vintage rugs and vintage pads are among the most handmade rugs that need to be repaired. These handmade rugs are more at risk of rot, moth attack and tearing due to old age and frequent use.
Forty-piece carpet is a creative example of repairing damaged carpets. In the production of these carpets, pieces of damaged carpet are removed. These pieces are then either sewn together or attached to pieces of other carpets. Of course, usually the damage to these carpets should be very high and their repair should not be too cheap.
If any of the carpet-related products, including carpets, kilims, Gabbehs, fashion accessories and carpet-related decoration accessories in your home are damaged, be sure to contact our experts and use Carpet’s simple services. .

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