Free carpet selection advice

Free advice on choosing and buying a rug is a good and safe solution. And it allows you to buy the best choice without hesitation and problem. In Carpet simple free consultation, various factors such as your taste and style, carpet color selection based on other decoration factors, etc. are measured and the best and closest choice to your taste is introduced.

What factors are considered in a free carpet buying consultation?
Customer tastes and desires
Choosing carpets based on gender
Determine the color of the carpet
Carpet selection based on decoration factors
Choose a rug according to the flooring
Carpet size according to the area of ​​the environment
How to wash and repair the carpet (if needed)
Bachelor of Price and Originality
Consider the customer’s tastes and desires in the free carpet selection consultation

Interests are completely different in different people. People’s taste is related to the attitude and level of aesthetics and aesthetics of people. Everyone sees a different issue and has a different choice. For example, one person considers the sea to be the most beautiful nature. While another person may see the forest better than the sea. The same goes for buying carpets. Ms. Moluk may like blue hand-woven carpets. While Hakimeh Khanum prefers a red vintage carpet. Asghar Agha knows the machine carpet better for his house. But his wife suggests a forty-piece kilim for the kitchen.

As you can see, people’s tastes, needs and aesthetics are different and may not be the same as ours at all. All these differences of taste are not their fault.

At Simple Carpet, we respect and respect people’s tastes. Therefore, in the free carpet selection consultation, we offer you a carpet that is in accordance with your taste and needs in the first place. If there is a discrepancy with your needs (usually this does not happen) the product closest to your request will definitely be introduced. You will not leave the plain unsatisfied.

Choosing carpets based on gender

Carpets are marketed based on woven fibers as well as weaving. Including all kinds of handmade carpets, machine-made carpets, Gabbeh, kilims and ….

Such variety leaves the product open to the customer to choose a better product. Various types of carpet products, with different quality, thickness and material of fibers, are used for different functions. Including fluffy carpets, woolen carpets, silk carpets and carpets with synthetic fibers. For example, carpets or rugs used in the kitchen should be made of water-resistant sex and kitchen environment. Otherwise, it will rot very soon and you will have to buy another carpet. While in the reception hall, semi-silk carpets (which are delicate carpets) can also be used and eaten. Therefore, in the free carpet selection consultation, we never recommend silk carpets for use in spaces such as the kitchen, your office floor or terrace.

Determining the color of the carpet and its effects on the decoration

Colors are the most influential element in our environment. Our moods, moods, appetites, beautification around us and anything you can not imagine are directly and indirectly related to colors. This effectiveness determines the different rules. Including the color of the operating room should be green. Red is a danger color and … colors also challenge a part of people’s personality. With these examples, you will definitely realize the importance of colors.

Colors also play a very decisive role in buying carpets and decorations. For example, bright colors make your environment bigger and more inviting. While dark colors make your environment smaller and more depressing. In contrast, light colors get dirty sooner than dark colors.

To buy carpets and other decoration accessories and coordinate them, pay attention to their colors and effects. If you want to create a warm and spacious environment, we suggest bright colors. On the other hand, if you are looking for a special decoration or you are worried about the constant cleaning of carpets and houses, dark colors are suitable for you. If you like a happy and lively environment, carpets with happy colors, such as a combination of red, pink, cream, green, etc. are recommended.

In the free carpet selection consultation, in addition to examining these points, we also consider the point for which environment you want the carpet. For example, dark and black rugs are not recommended for the bedroom. Because the bedroom should be an environment that inspires a sense of calm.

Selection based on decoration factors

Choose a rug based on coordination with other factors in your environment. Harmony makes you have a more pleasant environment. Others will admire your taste. If you are looking for a particular rug that will design your home in the best way, you should consider various factors such as the color of the floor, the color of the curtains, the color of the furniture and cushions and other accessories such as runners, decorative rugs and puffs.

There are different types of flooring and people choose one of them for their environment according to their taste and needs. Including granite, ceramic, parquet, laminate and even carpet.

Note: Carpet’s simple free consultation is not just for buying carpets. Our consultants will guide you to buy decoration accessories, buy pads and even buy fashion accessories.

Floor Covering

Granite is one of the most expensive flooring. It has a glossy appearance and gloss and is available in different colors from dark to light in the market. The point to consider when choosing a carpet for the stone floor is the area of ​​the environment, the material of the carpet and its color. Parquets are wooden floors that make the environment more pleasant and aristocratic. These floors are very expensive. They have a brown color and a semi-gloss sheen. Ceramics are flooring that induces the appearance of stone on the floor of the building and is available in different colors and designs in the market. Laminates also inspire the design of parquet and wood floors in different colors and ranges. For this style of flooring, we suggest not to carpet the whole floor. The most beautiful view is that your floor can be seen in the margins or parts of the space.

Mosaics are stone-cement floors that usually produce soil. Therefore, it is better to carpet the whole surface and spread it on the carpet.

The important point in choosing a rug for a floor is the color of the floor. Certainly a dark rug on a dark stone or ceramic has no appearance. Also, you can not use carpets with a range of brown and Nescafe the same color as the parquet or laminate. In this case, your house will look empty and maybe without carpet. This will make your indoor environment and area larger.

Consider other accessories as well. The best design is that the colors were in harmony with each other. Of course, this is not a compulsion. You may have a house full of different colors.

Carpet size according to the area of ​​the environment

Before buying a rug, you should pay attention to the area of ​​the environment. Consider that you have to carpet the whole floor with only a part of it. Definitely a 6 meter carpet for a 4 meter kitchen is much bigger and covers the edges of the carpet on the wall. Also, a 3-meter rug for a 12-meter hall is very small and almost invisible. You can spread a rug with different dimensions for each part of your environment. For example, if you have a 16-meter hall, design it with 2 9-meter and 6-meter carpets. The preference of our consultants in Carpet simple free consultation is that 2 carpets inside a hall are the same shape or harmony. But depending on the style of decoration you request, we will have better suggestions.

How to wash and repair the carpet (if needed)

How to wash or repair the carpet is one of the simple services of Carpet. In the free consultation, we will tell you what kind of carpet or rug you have and what solution you can use to clean it. Also, if your carpet is damaged, we will advise and take action to repair and repair it.

Bachelor of Price and Originality

Carpet is one of the most original products of Iran. Some historians believe that the history of carpets in Iran dates back to BC. Carpets, especially handmade carpets, are among the carpets with identity cards and original. Hence, they are considered as expensive carpets. The older your handmade rug, the higher the price. This has led to the abuse of some profiteers and the sale of machine-made carpets similar to handmade carpets or carpets that are not original at the highest price. Therefore, carpets need to determine the originality and price expertise. In our free carpet selection consultation, our experts will guide you.

Your choice may be a forty-piece rug, a forty-piece kilim or gabbe. As you know, forty-piece carpets are sewn from pieces that are separated from the healthy parts of damaged carpets. A forty-piece rug may be made from pieces separated from a rug. It may be a combination of several different carpets with different ages and originalities. In this case, our experts will determine what kind of handmade carpet each piece belongs to. They will determine the originality and price of each piece for you.

Limitation of simple Carpet consultation

Our advice is not limited to buying carpets. Trust us to buy different types of pads. We will tell you which priest is right for your space. Know that not every type of priest is suitable for every space. The bath pad must be water resistant. Because it is in direct and direct contact with water. While fantasy priests are not at all suitable for such environments. Carpet’s simple free consultation lets you know if the priest you want is right for your environment.

Stylish pads such as Gabbeh pad, kilim pad, carpet pad, vintage pad are produced and offered in Simple Carpet. Each of these priests has its own practical use. Do not think that every priest is cheap, good and suitable. To do this, be sure to contact our consultants.

Why do we recommend Carpet Simple Free Expertise?
We offer you the most ideal product.
We present the most engineered and expert proposal.
We introduce our services to you and offer the best solutions.
Consultation is online or by phone. You will get the best result with one call. So you do not need to spend your time in busy traffic in Tehran.
If you do not live in Tehran, do not worry. There is no difference between you and our good customers in Tehran. Carpet is a simple free consultation for all the good people of Iran.
The consultation is free and you do not pay for it.
In order to be more in tune with your taste, when delivering the order (carpet and paddy only), 2 items of the same product will be sent as Peru. You flatten all 3 items together where needed. If you like Peruvian goods, we will replace them with your ordered goods.

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