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Expertise in price and originality of carpets is one of the services performed by Simple Carpet. Our experts will evaluate and price your carpet based on the type of texture, ridge, number of knots, role and strength of its fibers.

History of carpet weaving

In order to sit or sleep on a softer, warmer place above the ground, man thought of an underlayment to protect it from the extreme cold and heat of the earth. Upon gaining knowledge of weaving, the mats were woven from reed shells. After a while, humans learned to make yarn from the fur and wool of animals such as sheep and goats, and to continue weaving carpets with these yarns. Rugs are one of the first carpets woven by humans. By learning the art of carpet weaving, little by little different types of carpets were woven.

History attributes the texture of the carpet to Iran and Egypt in BC. The art of carpet weaving has been passed down from generation to generation and to this day, carpet is one of the most original and valuable Iranian goods.

Why do we need expertise in the price and originality of carpets?

Today, carpet is known as an exquisite commodity and the carpet industry is considered a money-maker. Hence, many people chose jobs that are directly and indirectly related to carpet. Many of these people are very skilled and specialized in the field of carpets.

The expertise in this field is such that some experts and unfortunately profiteers sell many hand-woven machine-made carpets, or counterfeit hand-woven carpets as original and old carpets to the applicants. Recognizing genuine handmade carpets, carpet quality and pricing on it requires expert and so-called skilled expertise.

What does a carpet expert refer to?
Recognize the original carpet
Type and quality of carpet texture
Recognition of antique rugs and antique rugs
Determine the age of the carpet
Carpet fiber and yarn
How to repair a carpet
Carpet expert breeding

The importance and need of society for carpets has gone so far that various fields related to carpets are taught in several prestigious universities in the country.

The first field is the field of carpet expert. Graduates of this field become experts and specialists with high information and ability. These people can easily declare the price and originality of the carpet. The carpet expert determines and announces the price for the carpet or tablecloth based on certain factors.
The field of official carpet justice expert is another important, attractive and popular field in the field of carpet. This field is created due to differences in the design, production and sale of carpets.
Types of carpet classification from an expert point of view
Types of carpets

By gender

Handmade carpets are made from natural fibers such as wool, fluff and silk. These fibers are usually dyed in traditional ways with natural dyes. Iranian carpets are divided into 3 groups based on material: woolen carpets, silk wool and fluffy carpets. These carpets are classified into different sub-categories based on the volume and material of all the yarns used in the carpet.

Environmental originality of the carpet

Each region of Iran has a unique land, history and culture for carpet weaving. Depending on the texture of each area, different carpets are woven. The most original carpets of Iran are related to the cities of Shiraz, Bakhtiari, Tabriz, Kashan, Yazd, Qom, Kerman, Turkmen, Mashhad, Isfahan and.. The texture style and texture characteristics and the role of carpets in each region and city are different from other cities. For example, Qom Raj carpet has a larger number than Tabriz carpets.

Variety of carpets based on texture style

Carpets are woven in different ways. The weaving style of the carpets divides them into different groups. Handmade carpets, machine-made carpets, gabbeh, kilim, jajim, felt, etc.

The difference between these carpets is in the type of knot, thickness, pattern and their pattern.

Texture features

A good quality carpet is valued based on the ridge, number of knots, knot style, density, fiber material, carpet color, fiber dyeing style and texture style.

Carpet experts not only specialize in large rugs. They have the ability to specialize in a variety of rugs such as forty-piece rugs, vintage rugs, rugs and padding, tablecloths, decoration accessories and even rug pieces in fashion accessories. Determine the age.

How to maintain the carpet

Carpets are compromised due to their performance. Especially handmade carpets that, due to the natural nature of their fibers, are at risk of being attacked by insects such as willows. Some carpets may change color or stain if misused. The carpet may be damaged by improper washing or may be punctured and damaged by human factors. Damage to the carpet will undoubtedly affect its price and value.

Expertise in price and originality of carpets is not just for large rugs

Forty-piece rugs may be damaged from healthy pieces separated from a rug. Or separated from several different carpets. To know the price and originality of forty-piece carpets, each piece of carpet is examined and examined to get the most correct answer.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Expertise in the price and originality of the carpet is not an easy task, and an expert must carefully examine all these items and their details. Each of these features affects the rate and originality of the carpet.

Simple Carpet experts are experienced and professional professionals who have invested their lives in this way. Be sure to contact us to know the price and originality of your carpets.

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