The painting is a picture of the world of art and simple Carpet with different focus and designs in the form of paintings from wood and handmade carpets called (wood chip collection) has shown this fascinating art.

Wood chips

Chipwork is not an art style, but a diverse range of personal experiences and the individual style and context of the artist. The way in which action takes precedence over technique. The pleasure that comes from it is so important that issues of visual perception are sidelined.
This flow is in fact the product of personal revelation and inner satiety of the artist and it can be considered as a journey to the unknown worlds of the unconscious. In this style, the artist is not looking for new technical ways and methods. Rather, it seeks to pave the way for the emergence of a new form of mosaic art.

This method is the product of social intellectual developments and the result of scientific and theoretical achievements. It is always associated with a pragmatic nature. Chip work is not enough to formulate class arguments. Rather, it is constantly seeking to realize theoretical suggestions in practical experience.

Simple Carpet Boards

Paintings are an important part of the decoration of any space that should be selected with special tact depending on the location and type of space arrangement. Due to their harmony and family, woods and carpets are considered as both arts of Iranian origin. Simple Carpet has made it possible to create paintings of wood mosaics and exquisite carpets and combine these two arts, an attractive work, suitable for special spaces for those interested in these two arts.

The materials used in these paintings include: walnut, orange, termite-eaten oranges, jujube, maple and burnt walnut (walnut that is cooked in the oven and becomes the color desired by the designer).
Sometimes wood mosaic designers cook the wood or expose it to termites to get the color and design they want to find the shape they want.
Along with wood chips, pieces of old handmade carpets are made. These handmade rugs are carefully selected and sensitive ideas are selected to sit on the board they want.

سبد خرید