Puff or puff is a small piece of furniture that can be used in home decoration in different styles.

Puffs are actually low-rise living quarters. It is almost like a cushion in terms of softness and lightness. Puffs are usually compact and are designed without a base

Puffs have different uses.

You can use short puffs as a footrest in front of the sofa and a seat shorter than the sofa.
Long puffs can be used as a host sofa, furniture front table or honeycomb table.

Puffs are generally produced in a variety of models and designs. Like cushions, they are produced in square or round models. This product is made in large, thick, bulky dimensions and of course in larger sizes. No back and handle. They are also generally short in height. The puff may have a wooden frame that is not visible from the outside. A puff is a stool made entirely of fabric that covers the entire body.
You can buy this high-consumption product according to your taste and need. And use it in the interior decoration of your home.

Simple Carpet adds the beauty of art to your home decoration by producing and presenting short and long puffs with the original design of traditional Iran.
This product with a traditional design is an ideal choice for people who want modern decoration with Iranian originality. Sadeh Carpet has taken a new path in decoration, furniture and accessories by designing and producing various types of puffs from various types of hand-woven carpets.

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