Handmade kilim is one of the types of carpets. Its origin is wool and fluff and no lint is seen in its texture. Kilims are considered to be thin underlays and are less thick or taller than other hand-woven carpets, gabbeh, vintage, etc. In the past, kilims were woven only by hand in different ethnicities of the country. But today, with increasing demand for goods, there are various types of machine-made kilims on the market, some of which are woven with synthetic fibers.

Different ethnicities in and outside the country are engaged in weaving handmade kilims. This is especially common among nomads. Each of them has a different texture and color scheme. As a result, attractive and various kilims can be seen in the carpet market. Some woven designs have an international name and reputation. In the article What is a kilim, its details are mentioned.

Many people think that kilims are the same as Gabbeh and there is no difference between them. While these two products are very different in nature. The most important difference is their thickness and lint.

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