How to buy

The method of buying from the simple Carpet site is very simple and easy. All you have to do is follow the steps in order to get your ideal product.

You can buy all kinds of handmade carpets, gabbeh, kilim, padri, home decoration accessories and fashion through this site.

User Panel

First, it is better to be a member of the site to follow your orders more easily. To do this, click on the user area (on the left side of the site). In the page in front of you, 2 parts are visible. If you are already a member, proceed to the login section to enter your user panel. But if this is the first time you have decided to create a user panel, fill in the information in the membership table.

Don’t forget to keep your username and password so you don’t have to log in again.

پنل کاربری برای روش خالی

By entering the user panel, you can access your orders, downloads and account details.

روش خرید

Steps to purchase from a simple Carpet site

1- To buy, first enter the first page of the simple Carpet site and click on the products option in the menu bar at the top of the site.

روش خرید از سایت 01

Holding the mouse over the “Products” option opens a complete list of simple Carpet products in front of you. As a result, you can reach the desired result sooner.

روش خرید 02

2- Click on the product group you want and check all the products related to that group. For all products, the name, photo and product specifications are listed along with the price. So you can easily choose your ideal product according to your needs.

روش خرید 03

If you hover the mouse over one of the products, the “Add to Cart” option is specified for that product.

روش خرید 04


3- By clicking on it, you will enter the page dedicated to the same product. The clear image of the product on the right and the information on the left of the image are well defined. You will see the product album images below the main image. You can click on any photo in the album and check the product more carefully.

روش خرید 04

If the product is in stock, you will see the green inscription above the box “Add to cart”.


روش خرید 04-1

To continue the purchase method from the site, click on the Add to Cart box. After that, the site confirms the addition of the product to your cart. Click on the “View Cart” link to enter a new page.

روش خرید 04-2

4- On this page, you will see everything you have added to your shopping cart, including the total price. Click “Continue to clear the account”.

روش خرید 05


Here is how to buy

5- If you have already registered on the site, click on the specified link.

But if this is your first time buying from a simple Carpet site, fill out the registration form. Be sure to fill in the starred fields and answer so you do not have trouble delivering. After completing the form, click the “Register Order” option to enter the bank portal.

روش خرید 07

6- By completing the bank card information, and tapping the payment option, your order will be registered on the site. A tracking number will be sent to you. Keep it to yourself so that you can track your order if necessary.

روش خرید 08

Remember a few things:

Do not worry about registering your information. Your information and privacy are respected and trusted by us. Sada Carpet is obliged to protect all the rights of its customers and their information.

Note that in the product list, the product under the heading “More information”, this product is not in stock. You can choose another product.

We hope you enjoy the good shopping from Simple Carpet. You can contact our experts before buying, for free advice on buying carpets.

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