Handmade kilim

Types of handmade kilims or carpet kilims are a type of carpet whose sleeping thread is not in the form of pile. Its weaving style is different from handmade carpets and other types of carpets. Kilim is one of the main substrates used by nomads. In the past, the art of kilim weaving was limited to women nomadic and rural artists.

Weaving history of handmade kilims

In the distant past, man thought of protecting himself from the cold and heat of the environment by making clothes for himself from animal skins. But the difficulty of where he was sitting made him think of an underlayment to protect himself from the cold, heat, and hardness of the earth. Little by little, he thought of making a mat for himself from animal wool and hair. With the invention of spinning methods, the idea of ​​weaving a kilim gradually came to the human mind and the basic kilim was woven. Some historians believe that the earliest kilim was woven in the land of Egypt from 2500 BC.

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