Handmade Carpet

All kinds of Iranian handmade carpets have attracted many fans and enthusiasts from the past to the present.

In fact, the word carpet in everyone’s mind will bring to life the memory of Iranian carpets.

If you study the history of different types of carpets anywhere in the world, you will definitely see traces of Iran in it.

Therefore, it can be clearly stated that all kinds of Iranian handmade carpets are part of the culture and originality of our country.

Types of handmade carpets are divided into two general categories based on the weaving method:
handmade carpet
machine woven carpet
Advantages of using a variety of handmade carpets
Synthetic materials and fibers are not used for weaving hand-woven carpets. Yarns and fibers are generally natural. As a result, people are less likely to develop allergies.
The material value of hand-woven carpets is higher due to hand art and the use of natural fibers. The longer the carpet, the higher the price.
It is softer than machine type because there are no synthetic materials and abnormal fibers in the carpet texture.
Handmade carpets are usually thicker. As a result, the quality and strength of the carpet is higher.
The value and beauty of hand-woven carpets increase over time due to continuous use (so-called more footwork).
Hand-woven carpets are repairable and can be easily repaired if they are exposed to one of the causes of rupture, decay, corrosion and wear.

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