Gabbeh Handmade Forty Pieces

Gabbeh hand-embroidered forty pieces is one of the types of hand-woven carpets, an attractive art and a new substructure in the Gabbeh weaving industry.

To produce forty-piece handmade Gabbeh, different pieces of Gabbeh are put together and sewn together according to a special taste and order. The result is a single, different design from several gabbe. This type of underlayment has many fans and high material value.

Features of Gabbeh Handmade Forty Pieces:
There are different designs of gabbehs.
They are the same thickness as Gabbeh.
They have a more attractive color combination.

Almost all the features of this undercarriage are the same as the simple ones. The forty-piece gabbehs are like a thick embroidered fabric that catches the eye of any viewer. These attractive hand-woven carpets are available in attractive and different colors and designs.


The fibers of embroidered gabbehs are generally made of wool, fluff or a combination of wool and fluff. Which are sewn together with wool or cotton threads similar to the background color.


These attractive underlays can be produced in any dimensions. But it is generally up to 6 meters.

Gabbeh Chelteke can be used in any place such as large halls, living rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens. Some small dimensions use it as a paddy.

Carpet plain handmade carpet is one of the centers for the production and sale of forty-piece embroidered gabbehs. If you want to buy one of these products, contact us. You can also ask our experts for help in washing and cleaning it.

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