Forty Piece Handmade Kilim

The forty-piece handmade kilim is actually the same kilim we talked about earlier. But there are many differences. This product is not woven in one hand on a carpet hanger. Instead, from embroidering several different kilims with different designs, it is created and gets a new design. This product has attracted many fans these days.

The origin of forty-piece handmade kilims

In the past, patchwork was known only for sewing and sewing different pieces of fabric together. There was definitely a big cheltone bed in every grandmother’s house. But embroidery is a part of the art of carpet weaving that is done according to its own rules along with creativity and the art of weaving or sewing. Chehlit kilims that are sewn in different dimensions. Many seamstresses cut and sew all kinds of torn and old kilims into special dimensions. Finally, they work harder with a single outsole.

Embroidery is also part of the practice of embroidery. Products from the past look very modern, along with being traditional-classic. Hence, today, chelytime kilims have found a special place in decoration and their existence is necessary for every home. If you would like to have this attractive and modern infrastructure, contact Simple Carpet.

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