Forty Piece Handmade Carpet

What is a forty-piece handmade rug?


Forty-piece or forty-piece handmade carpet is one of the types of carpets that has been well received these days. Because it has a great impact on decoration, especially modern decoration. The nature of these carpets can be handmade carpets or machine-made carpets. Forty-piece rugs are also known as patchwork.

Forty-piece rugs are actually made up of collages and the juxtaposition of several rugs. These pieces may have nothing to do with each other. In fact, which piece might be related to a carpet from a different climate? Or have different designs and colors.

The pieces that are placed next to each other are mostly separated from old and damaged handmade carpets. These pieces are sometimes repainted to get a little color and polish. Then they are sewn together. If you think that the pieces are randomly put together and sewn together, you are sorely mistaken. These pieces are connected to each other according to special rules and by experienced carpet experts, and a carpet with a new and conceptual design is created.

Features of forty-piece handmade rugs
The word collage means illustration with different parts. If you stick a few pieces of colored paper together or on a page, you are actually creating a collage. Therefore, forty-piece carpets are created by sewing several different pieces of carpet together and are not woven in one hand on a hanger.
Forty-piece rugs are usually formed by joining old and damaged hand-woven rugs. Therefore, the longer the life of these pieces, the more expensive the material value and price of the carpet.

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