Crack and wool

Fluff and wool are part of the body surface of animals such as goats, camels and sheep, which is used to weave a variety of carpets, rugs and rugs.


When we comb the bodies of animals such as goats and sheep, whatever is left between the teeth of the comb is introduced. Fur is introduced. Natural fibers and yarns are produced from these hairs, and in the carpet weaving industry, a carpet woven from this yarn is turned into a carpet Crack is famous.

Crack features

Fluffy, fine and soft
It has different types of cashmere, ostrich, and blackberry with different qualities
It is difficult to prepare
It is thin and does not last long
Not very suitable for carpet weaving


Of course we all know wool. Wool is said to cover the body of a sheep, which has different qualities according to the breed of the animal. But its quality is much better and stronger than crack. Wool fibers and yarns are much easier to produce than fluffy yarns and have better dyeability than their fluffy type.

Features of wool

It is strong and thick
There are very good breeds of sheep in Iran from which high quality wool is produced
The special physical properties of wool have excellent effects on the body
Elasticity, luster, colorability, texture and یک make it a great element for carpet weaving

However, natural and high quality fluff makes delicate and expensive carpets. But wool rugs are strong, durable, beautiful, shiny, shiny, colorful and delicate. In fact, woolen carpets are stronger, more durable, clearer, better, more colorful and softer than fluffy carpets. The capabilities of wool for use in carpet weaving are more than fluff and it has become a more special fiber than fluff.

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