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Carpet simple frequently asked questions allow you to easily find the answers to your questions and learn how this collection works.

What are the scope of work and simple sales of Carpet?

Simple Carpet is a collection of production and sales in the offline and online world of high quality carpets, handmade forty-piece carpets, Gabbeh, kilims, vintage and decorative accessories, fashion and fashion related to carpets. Including: carpets and rugs, carpet runners, fancy carpet baskets, bags and shoes, exquisite carpet paintings and exquisite paintings, a combination of wood and carpet, puff and ….

Simple Carpet has made it possible for it to provide your ideas and opinions as well. Therefore, they will place your orders based on your design and opinion.

What is the material of Carpet plain carpets?

All carpets and products available in Simple Carpet are made of handmade carpets. Read how it works and its simple history in the “About Us” section.

Can I register my order through other means besides buying from the site?

All products can be purchased online through the simple Carpet site. You can easily enter the “products” section of the site and buy your desired product online. In the “How to buy from the site” section, we have explained the ordering process to you well. In addition, you can also apply through the sadehcarpet page on Instagram.

Also, if the specific order or carpet you wanted did not exist on the site and Instagram or was sold, you can contact us through the phone number available on the site and the simple Instagram page of Carpet or via WhatsApp so that our experts can place your order. To provide.

Do you also send to the city?

Yes. We are proud to send all the purchased products with the best packaging to wherever you want in Iran. Shipping cost in Tehran is free and in other cities is determined according to the distance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Payment Methods?

The payment method in Simple Carpet, like other store sites, is by entering the bank portal and transferring money through the Internet.

If the order is made through the Instagram page, you can also pay by card-to-card method so that the desired order will be sent to you.

How to trust Simple Carpet to record information?

Simple Carpet, in appreciation of its good customers and contacts, considers it its duty to protect the information and privacy of its users and customers. Any information you store is stored in Simple Carpet.

When will we receive the purchase we made?

Depending on the rules and office hours of the Islamic Republic Post Office and the distance of your city, you will receive your order within a maximum of 2 to 4 working days.

What if the product we buy online does not match our decoration?

In Simple Carpet, you can use the free carpet buying consultation. Our experts will offer you the best offer according to your taste, space, budget and decoration style, and will help you make a better purchase.

Also, for Tehran buyers, in addition to sending the order, 2 similar products will be sent to them in Peru (and free of charge) so that they will have a better choice of products by making more decisions.

Note that these conditions are only possible for the purchase of carpets and do not include all products.

What should we do to wash and clean our shopping?

Some time after buying your carpets, they become dirty and stained due to use, and you try to wash and possibly remove them. If you decide to wash, with a simple contact with Carpet, our colleagues in the field of washing will be present on the spot and will return your carpet to your home safely and safely, without any damage.

What if the online payment failed, but the money was deducted from our account?

This can sometimes happen due to a disruption in the Internet or banking portal and the transfer of money to the bank is incomplete. In this case, the money will be automatically returned to your account within a maximum of 72 working hours. If the amount is deducted, do not return it to your account, call Simple Carpet.

What should we do if the site is not connected to the bank’s portal when paying?

If the site has a technical defect or does not enter the bank portal, call the number listed in the “Contact Us” section.

Can orders be delivered in person?

Due to the fact that Simple Carpet provides all the amenities for the delivery of the order of dear customers and in order to reduce unnecessary trips, face-to-face delivery to dear customers is not possible.

We will be there for you with any request and you just need to contact us.

What should we do if the received goods had technical defects or damage?

If you received your order but your order was damaged, contact us. Provided that the carpet is new and not worn, and with the opinion of simple Carpet experts, the product will be returned after seeing the product defect. To do this, fill out the complaint submission form. (Note that after a few days from the delivery of the order or the carpet is torn, it will not be possible to replace or return the goods).

If the order is returned, how will the cost be refunded?

Simple Carpet is trying to attract the attention of its customers. If the defect and damage of the product is from the simple side of the carpet, we try to send an alternative product. In case of customer dissatisfaction, and return the goods, the deposit amount will be credited to your account within 72 working hours.

Can the order be paid in installments (credit)?

Our colleagues in the marketing unit are trying to make this possible for loved ones at the first opportunity in the form of special conditions.

If you do not find the answers to your questions in the simple questions of Carpet, contact us

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