Carpet Shoes

Carpet shoes are a type of foot covering that covers parts of the foot. Sandals are made to protect the soles of the feet. Hence they have an insole with different procedures. These fancy shoes are generally lightweight and are used in summer. In some models, the strap covers the ankle.

History of origin and production of sandals

Before the advent of shoes, humans walked barefoot on the ground. Naturally, the hard ground bothered his feet. The presence of rocks and thorns on the ground, excessive heat and cold on the floor and various factors made it difficult to walk. So he thought of designing and making a shoe. With the ingenuity and advancement of technology, these slippers changed shape and quality with age.

The Greeks were among the first to make footwear. The first chairs were made of tree leaves and reeds. Later, for added foot safety, the insole was supplemented with cork. According to the history of the paintings, the oldest sandal was discovered in Rock Fort Cave in the US state of Oregon. The age of this sandal is estimated to be about ten thousand years.

Characteristics of sandals
The insoles of the chairs can be made of plastic, compressed leather, wood, rubber, cloud (sponge) and..
Sandals can be sporty or heeled. Heel height is not limited. But sandals with short to high heels are usually grouped.
Nowadays, sometimes it is impossible to distinguish between sandals and carpet shoes.
The chairs show a large part of the foot.
The surface of the sandal can have different models and cover different levels of the foot.
The use of chairs sometimes has a fashion aspect and sometimes a medical aspect.
Why do people use sandals?

There are several reasons to use sandals.

Protect your feet from the heat inside your shoes and make your feet sweat, especially in summer
Follow the fashion
Lightness and comfort
Foot hygiene and prevention of fungal infections
Therapeutic aspect for better walking
Economical for the manufacturer. Because it consumes less material and costs less.
What is a medical sandal and how is it different from other sandals?

Medical sandals are used for treatment. Doctors prescribe it to their patients for different purposes. The main difference between medical sandals and ordinary sandals is the sole. Medical insole insoles should be designed and manufactured to completely fill the patient’s sole. In such a way that the person does not feel any pressure in his legs and back. But also have a feeling of softness and comfort in your feet. A proper and standard medical sandalwood treats many back, leg and spine pains.

Diseases treated with medical chairs:
Flat feet
Pain under the paw
Rely on the inside of the foot
Big toe calluses
Lumbar disc
Lumbar osteoarthritis
Knee arthrosis
Stiffness and pain in the big toe
Nerve swelling
Inflammation of the soles of the feet

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