Carpet Belt

Carpet simple carpet belt is a new and attractive product that has found a good place in the garment industry. This product is made of handmade carpets such as handmade carpets, kilims and vintage. These belts with attractive colors and traditional carpet designs are a new development in the fashion and clothing industry.

If you are looking for a different clothing accessory, this product is very suitable and will definitely attract the attention of others towards you. Certainly you shone like a jewel among all the people present. A different belt made of hand-woven carpets will be a different, modern, expensive and classy clothing accessory. You have never seen anything like it.

Carpet simple carpet belts are woven with different models. It originates from natural carpet weaving fibers such as wool and fluff.

Depending on your taste and type, you can choose one of these types of belts and buy them online from the site and even Instagram.

If you are hesitant to choose it, be sure to contact our consultants to guide you in choosing the best and desired model.

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