Carpet Bag

Carpet simple carpet bags are a new development in the fashion industry. These bags, which are produced from various hand-woven carpets such as hand-woven carpets, kilims and gabbehs, have found a special place in the market. Simple Carpet bags are very spacious. They have beautiful colors and attractive traditional designs.

Hand-woven, simple carpet rugs are among the newest women’s clothing accessories that have their own fans.

Women’s bags have always been one of the most important parts of fashion and have been with women for a long time. The more variety in design and color, the more women show interest in them all. Although society, and especially urban society, is moving towards modernity, products with a traditional-classical theme are an important part of the fashion industry. And there are always a lot of people who welcome these designs. Having a bag made of hand-woven carpets will introduce you to others as a different and leading person in fashion.

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