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Learn about us to know and trust Carpet Simple.

Where did we start?

About 50 years ago, we started our work in Taghizadeh Bazaar with a focus on exporting hand-woven carpets. In 2016, the production of forty-piece carpets was added to the collection. Due to the popularity of these carpets at home and abroad, we decided to expand our business. Therefore, we added more products in the field of fashion and furniture to the collection. The preparation and production of accessories such as bags, shoes, cushions, puffs, seats and belts from hand-woven carpets is done under the supervision and design of the “Simple Carpet” team. And are produced in the factory by experts in each field.

Material accessories

The material of the accessories is hand-woven carpets. These carpets are purchased by experts and with quality control from all over the country, collected and washed and polished in the factory. The pieces of carpet are then sent to the desired part to prepare the product. Also, completely natural and first-class leathers, which are also prepared according to the desired performance and are provided to the relevant department. Along with hand-woven carpets, they are used to produce “simple” brand accessories.


Also know about us that our products are all handmade. Therefore, their production process requires a lot of time and care. But at the same time, creativity and innovation in the production of simple accessories and their supply at a reasonable price, has been our focus. Hand-woven carpets and accessories derived from it, have found their place among the most demanding customers today. Simple Carpet is happy to have played a role in the evolution of the industry.

online sell

Ms. Sara Dehdashti, Manager of Simple Carpet Collection, in 1399, due to the spread of Corona virus, in addition to selling products in person, also sold them online. This work was done with the aim of expanding the business in the field of handmade carpets and related accessories, in order to boost national production, spread the culture of using exquisite handicrafts with the approach of supplying domestic and foreign markets.

With the support of many years of experience in the production and sale of handmade carpets, Sada Carpet believed that it would expand the level of carpet sales in online markets due to the growing concerns of life and meeting the needs of customers. As a result, he turned to online sales of carpets, decoration accessories, and fashion accessories (related to the carpet industry). Selling simple Carpet products online, free consultation and shipping to the whole country has made it possible to meet the needs of your customers in the best possible way.

In this way, we try to take a big step in the field of producing handmade carpets, selling them online and providing carpet-related services in the country by employing specialized forces.

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